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Step 3 – Wild Flowers On Your Plot

To see exactly what each package consists off – go to THIS link.

It doesn’t matter what the plot size is you choose to buy – you (or the person you buy it for) will soon be the custodian of a plot of land parcel inside the Wild Flower Gardens & Reserve on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island.

As custodian of a plot in the gardens you can choose how you would like us to populate your plot with the indigenous succulent plants of Namaqualand. Don’t worry, we give guidance here.

Namaqualand succulent plant experts are available at the Wild Flower Gardens to help you if you need information on the types of plants they think will grow the best on your plot.

These experts will keep in contact with you via our online platform messaging service – and they will also share new pictures with you and to tell you more about the different plants that are available in the nurseries.

This is all extremely exciting to do and because the plants are specifically grown for the Wild Flower Gardens, they are very reasonably priced.

For example; prices start from as low as $2 per plant to as much as $20 per plant, depending on the species, types and sizes of the plants.

PLEASE NOTE: There are specific laws, rules and regulation in South Africa that governs the growing of many of Namaqualands indigenous plants. You can rest assure that, we take our conservation responsibilities very serious.

For example, in South Africa the law requires that plant growers who keep Namaqualand flora must have a special license & permits to grow and sell some of these indigenous plants.

Our nursery as well as all the other private nurseries in the surrounding towns has such licenses. The succulent plants that we want to plant on the plot of land you own will be collected from these nurseries.

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