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Step 2- We Register Your Tiny Plot

Here is the roll-out and the delivery procedure we follow once we receive your order:

Our graphic designer team will start immediately to prepare your package. This includes getting your personal certificates, passports, posters and other documents ready.

We garden team will pen out your plot – it’s exact GPS coordinates will be recorded – it will be registered, in your name, in our company’s Land Parcel Register Book as mentioned before.

This will then, with your certificates and official letters go to our legal team who will notarize your plot’s registration papers and then sign off on the issue of personal rights and custodianship in your name.

In the meantime our PR team will plant a small signboard on your plot. On the signboard will be your name as owner and your plot’s official number. A few photos will then be taken of your plot and they will be uploaded onto our online database and platform.

A few days later, from this database, – with a special password – you will be able to see and access everything on your plot. You can share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

Also from this platform you will be able to download all your signed documents in your entire package. Get them printed professionally – and then package everything in a nice folder – or just as you wishes.

We will also share a couple of cool package ideas with you.

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