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Step 4 – A Journey Of Discovery

By now you received your package – including your plot – and is ready to give it away as a gift to someone you love or probably care about a lot – or maybe you bought this gift for yourself.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, for most people their journey will end here – and that is fine – their contribution to conservation will be acknowledged and are highly appreciated. Their names will be cast in stone in our Land Parcel Register Book

So, helping financially to populate your plot with plants is not necessary – we have volunteers that will love to do it on your behalf.

Whatever you want to do – it is 100% your choice. You may even want to choose to leave the wild flowers and succulents that may already grow on your plot as-is, and that is fine – we will care for them either way.

For a small group of individuals however, their journey only starts here:

These are the people who would want to get involved in the nitty-gritty of populating their plots with indigenous succulent plants of Namaqualand as we mentioned above.

Our message to them is – thank you – and more importantly – have fun – relax, it’s not a race to the finish, – gardening doesn’t have a start point or an end point – it is always in motion.

Ideally we want this journey to last for years – it may, and it could as well be a journey of trial and error. Most plants will grow – we know that – but others may die.

For now it is what it is because we simply don’t know enough about some of these indigenous plants yet.

In some way, we are not 100% sure what is going to happen. This wild flower garden is a first of it’s kind, it has never been done before in this way and on this scale.

This is exactly what makes it such an exciting and thrilling journey.

Who knows; your contribution and your participation might soon lead to new discoveries in the world of desert plants.

Imagine that…

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