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Gifts For Couples

When you buy gifts for couples, you have a few choices:

1. You can buy a Royalty Plot for the couple and we will issue a special King & Queen passport. We will then personalize the couples gift pack so-that it suites the occasion perfectly. [See here how we personalize the Royal Family package.]

2. You can buy any Two Adjacent Plots for the couple. When you do, you get two passports and two gift packs – one for each plot. When you buy adjacent couple plots you receive a 33% discount on the second plot you buy.

3. You can buy one 54sqft Ambassadors Plot – we will then issue a special passport for two (2) people [for a couple].

4. Then you can choose any diplomatic title for the ambassador’s spouse/partner. For example – you can choose a diplomatic title like:

  • Special envoy to Ambassador
  • Counselor to Ambassador
  • Secretary to Ambassador
  • Attaché for the Ambassador
  • Make the spouse/partner also an Ambassador
  • Mr or Mrs or choose any other title you want.

EXAMPLE: Let say you buy an Ambassadors Title & Plot for Andrew & Jenny Tucker – Husband & Wife: Here is how we will personalize their gift pack.

  • One 54sqft plot – registered in their name.
  • Photo of signboard on plot: “This Plot belongs to: Andrew & Jenny Tucker, London, UK”
  • All official letters and certificates will be in their name. [Andrew & Jenny Tucker]
  • Ambassadors Passport with space for both the Ambassador & Spouse names inside. Choose any spouses/partner titles as mentioned above.
  • Their VIP Membership card, Plot ID Card, and everything else that is applicable will be in the couples name. [Andrew & Jenny Tucker]
  • The AMBASSADORS Title Certificate will also confirm both individual names + personal rights and custodianship of their 56sqft ambassadors plot, etc.

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