We Sell Gifts That Support Nature Conservation

Step 1 – Buy a Tiny Plot

When you buy a tiny plot of land on this island – for yourself or as a gift for someone else – you will automatically receive a special passport – with a very special title – and a very smart and special gift pack!

The bigger the option you choose to buy – the more important the title will be – the larger the plot of land – and the bigger the gift pack.

There are currently 6 different plot titles available: Royalty titles – they are great gifts to couples and families.

These titles are King & Queen titles, typically for a couple and when this gift is bought for a family – the children can get titles like: Princes and Princesses.

Then there are Ambassador & Citizen titles for individuals or groups – they also make great corporate gifts.

And the lastly, there are smaller fun titles like: Flower Whispers and Honey-Bee titles – and the last one on the list is obviously the beautiful Namaqualand Daisy title.

The tiny plots are all inside the gates of the new Wild Flower Garden & Reserve.

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