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Official Video: Your Plot & What You Get…

Namaqualand Gifts: Your Plot & What Else You Get: VIDEO

In this short 5 minute video we show you exactly what you will get when you buy one of our gift package.

We also explain the delivery process to you – in this way you know what to expect.

For this video we’ll use the Royalty Plot & Title package as an example:


A 72 square foot plot of land with exclusive private rights and custodianship; this plot is 100% yours and we are going to help you populate your plot with the indigenous flowers and succulents of Namaqualand.

This is exciting stuff because your plot is inside the gates of the Wild Flower Gardens on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island.

Royalty Plots makes excellent gifts for couples and for entire families.

Here is why: When you buy one of these packages, you and your entire family may style yourselves as Royalty on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island.

This includes your spouse, kids, and can even include grandma and grandpa. Up to eight people names can be listed in a single Royalty Passport.

You can choose any type of royalty title you like – it’s all part of the fun.

So, all you have to do is choose a title for each member of your family, and we will issue your passport accordingly.


One:  A beautifully designed ROYALTY TITLE FAMILY CERTIFICATE confirming your family’s royalty titles on the Island.

Two:  You will get an officially sealed and signed Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island LAND OWNERSHIP Certificate with your family name, plot number and plots size on it.

The 3rd certificate is very special: it is a CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION for your family’s contribution towards the protection of the indigenous fauna and flora of the Namaqualand Wild Coast Desert. It also recognizes your family as founding members of the unique wild flower gardens on the island that will be created with your contribution.

All these personalized certificates are suitable for framing.


When you buy one of these packages, you will automatically receive VIP – Membership and will get twenty-four seven access to the Island’s Online Portal.

With a special password, you will be able to LOGIN to a Private Hub-Page where there will be photos of your plot and much more.

VIP membership gives you and your family the opportunity to see the progress we make in the propagation of your plot.

In short; we will plant indigenous Namaqualand Succulent plants and flowers on your plot that we source from local licensed nurseries.

Inside your private Hub-Page will be a “blank site plan” of your plot.

With this blank site plan, you can, if you want to, share some ideas with us on how you would like to see the propagation of your plot with plants from the nurseries.

Succulent plant experts give guidance to VIP Members when needed.

I want to keep this video short but there are so many more benefits that Royalty Title holders get, I simply can’t list them all here.

Suffice to say that ROYALTY on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island have special “privileges and benefits” that no one else has.

You will see the complete list of these special privileges inside the members area.


Our gift packages are sold around the world and can be purchase online.

Within a few hours of your purchase, we will start the process to deliver your package to you.

We will try to personalize your gift as much as possible – especially these family packages.

We really want your gift package to be special and perfect and that is why each gift is manually prepared for you – this process can take up to 72 hours.

Once delivered you will be able to download your entire gift package from your secure HUB PAGE.

In closing; we really hope that you and your family will one day be able to visit your land.

And when you do, you will be able to enjoy the hospitality of the Namaqualand people, visit the Namaqualand National Park only a few miles away and enjoy the raw beauty of this desert.

As Royalty of Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island you are entitled to free access to the Wild Flower Gardens & Reserve as well as to the tools you may need to plant indigenous succulents from our nursery on your plot.

Lastly – but it’s important: You may have wondered why people say that our gifts last for a thousand years;

Let me share the secret with you:

Nature conservation is not easy and most individuals who buy our gift packages are bright, successful and nice people.

They know that all they have to do to succeed in life is to one day – leave this planet in a better state than what they found it.

They know that money, power and fame do not create tomorrow’s heroes. Hero’s are created by those individuals who dare to make history…

When you buy conservation land on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island, and I hope you will, your name will be entered into our history books as founding members of the wild flower gardens we are creating right now on the Island.

Let’s make history together; who knows, your name may still be recognized in our books one thousand years from now.

Please join us today – it will take you less than 5 minutes.

Thank You.


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