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Namaqualand Conservation Plots

Namaqualand Conservation Plots make excellent gifts.

This is true whether a friend give one to you – or maybe if you give one to a friend. It is always a joy to see their surprised faces.

Here is why buying a nature conservation plot & title in Namaqualand for your friends or family is such a smart investment.

James Watson and his wife Catty , from Edinburgh Scotland, wanted to celebrate there 30-year friendship with the Mitchell family, now living far away in London.

James decided to buy 2 nature conservation royalty plots and titles packages in Namaqualand, on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma island.

One for him and Catty and one for their friends Dave and Sue Mitchell in London.

Dave was so surprised and loved it so much that they decided to visit their plots in Namaqualand in South Africa the  following year.

Friendships like theirs are forever. Investing in family and friends is the best gift you can make in yourself – and for them too. Ask anyone older than 50 – they will tell you why.

Maybe you also want to consider strengthening your friendship with loved ones. Buying a Royalty Plot & Title on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island, to help save the Namaqualand wild flowers is a great idea.

In more ways than one.

Royalty Titles & Plots

By now you know that Royalty Titles is not only a nice gift to buy for individuals or couples, but also make GREAT Gifts for Entire Families. Let me explain: Let say you want to buy the Royalty Title Gift Pack for your friends the “John Smith” family in Ohio, USA. The family comprises of John, his wife Emma, and their three children. Here is how we will personalize their gift package so that it is something truly special – from YOU to them.

  • They get their “exclusive use” 72sqft plot – registered in their “Smith’s” family name.
  • The signboard on their plot will read: “This Plot belongs to: THE SMITH FAMILY, OHIO, USA
  • All official letters and certificates will be printed in their family name.
  • The family will receive a special Royalty Family Passport, with a special name pages for EACH family member (max 8). The names of each family member, as provided by you will be printed inside their passport.

But There Is More…

image of open royalty passort  

  • You can choose the titles that you would like us to put into the passport. Choose one for each family member.  Maybe for example: King John and Queen Emma, for John and his wife – and the kids can be Prince James and Princess Bella, etc.
  • The Smith’s family VIP Membership card; their plot ID Card etc., will all be issued in the family’s personal name.
  • Their Royalty Title Certificate will also be issued in the family’s personal name. This certificate will also confirm their “exclusive use” property rights, their personal rights and custodianship of their 72sqft plot.  There plot will be situated inside the Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Wild Flower Gardens & Reserve .
  • Visit THIS LINK to see a more detailed explanation om each type of package
image to show what is in the royalty gift package


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