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Honey Bee Titles & Plots


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Gift Package - New Owners [Plot & Title]

***Note: Many of your customers use their own names + surnames but you are welcome to use any alias or nick name if you prefer.   
Please provide the exact name as is must appear on all the documents, certificates, etc.

***We need a email address for the VIP Members Platform – private LOGIN. This is also where we will upload the entire gift package [all documents] for your to download. This will typically be the new owners email if you buy this as a gift for someone else, however, it can be changed later: Please note that we WILL NOT contact the owner directly – it’s for club access only.

***If you think there is any other information we may need that can help us prepare the perfect Gift Package for you – to make it nice and personal – then please provide that info (if any) below.


***If you buy this as a gift for someone else and want us to delivery it on your behalf [digitally] - how do we contact you directly if we have any questions?
  • NOTE: You can rest assured - all information is save with us - we will NEVER share it!
Do You Have A Special Date You What Us To Use On All The Certificate?
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