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Flower Whisperer Titles & Plots


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Gift Package - New Owners [Plot & Title]

***Note: Many of your customers use their own names + surnames but you are welcome to use any alias or nick name if you prefer.   
Please provide the exact name as is must appear on all the documents, certificates, passport, etc.

***We need a email address for the VIP Members Platform – private LOGIN. This is also where we will upload the entire gift package [all documents] for your to download. This will typically be the new owners email if you buy this as a gift for someone else, however, it can be changed later: Please note that we WILL NOT contact the owner directly – it’s for club access only.

***If you think there is any other information we may need that can help us prepare the perfect Gift Package for you – to make it nice and personal – then please provide that info (if any) below.


***If you buy this as a gift for someone else and want us to delivery it on your behalf [digitally] - how do we contact you directly if we have any questions?
  • NOTE: You can rest assured - all information is save with us - we will NEVER share it!
Do You Have A Special Date You What Us To Use On All The Certificate?
I have check that the spelling [names] - as it will appear on the different certificates are correct.
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