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Timber Fence Poles Gift Packs

Here is a very nice gift you can buy for those special friends who loves nature!

Get Your Name Printed on This Important Timber Pole

In phase two of our project to build the Wild Flower Gardens & Reserve we need to enclose and fence off a small portion of the western section of the island, next to the ring road.

  • This is to protect the young succulent plants from getting eaten and damaged by wildlife that is still active in the desert, especially by night.
  • To control access to the reserve – and to protect the young plants against vandalism or unauthorized removal.


  • 62 Timber Anchor Poles
  • 365 Vertical Support Poles [timber]
  • 615 Horizontal Support Poles [timber]
  • 1 Big Gate & Entrance
  • 2 Medium Size Gates
  • 7 Small Gates

When you buy a Timber Fence Pole, 100% will go towards the cost for this fence:

Buy one or more Timber Fence Poles to help us enclose the Wild Flower Garden & Reserve on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island.


  • For every Timber Fence Pole gift pack you buy – we will put your name [or the name of the person the gift is intended for] on the pole with a special note: “This Fence Pole Was Sponsored By: _________”

The Timber Fence Pole Package Will Also Include:

  • Personal welcome letter
  • Membership to the WILD FLOWER GARDEN Club.
  • Personalized WILD FLOWER GARDEN & RESERVE “Certificate of Acknowledgment and Appreciation” for support – in color and in a high quality printable format.
  • Photo of the timber pole we bought with your the name badge attached to it.
  • Official letter with your user name and password to access the club online portal where you will be able to download your entire gift pack.
  • A special printable vintage poster that tells the story of Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island.
  • A special personalized brochure – high quality and printable – telling the story of Namaqualand and why we are building the Wild Flower Garden & Reserve.

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