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The Flowers of Namaqualand

Help Us Create A Wild Flower Garden On Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island.

With a little research you will find out that the flowers of Namaqualand have already inspired thousands of scientist and biologists from every corner on earth.

Hundreds of books have already been written about Namaqualand,  movies have been cast about her, fans still talk about her and millions still celebrate her incredible wild-flower display every year.

Global warming has also left its mark here in the Namaqualand and I’m sad to report: all is not well…

Today, the island of Na-Koi-Ja-Ma and the succulent plants that produces the landscape of flowers in Namaqualand every year needs your help.

Here is her story:

“Although broken, I am still here in the desert – as cute as ever. I am still surrounded by the roads and by the houses of yesterday – just like before, – but today the houses are home – not to diamond miners; but to friendly loving people who work every day to heal the landscape and the scars of the past.

These are the people who nurture and keep watch over the desert plants quietly and patiently. They are the Ambassadors of Namaqualand.

They are the un-appointed guardians of the Namaqualand desert flowers.

These are the ones who wait for the winter rains and when it comes, they map and record every single detail once more with photos, and then they share it with the rest of the world.

It is here, on my fertile soil, on this island, in the center of this small and friendly town, that the Goodwill Namaqualand Ambassadors and would-be Ambassadors I spoke about earlier, who want to establish a unique heritage Wild Flower Garden & Reserve…”

This garden, when it is completed, will consist of  thousands of Indigenous Flowers and Succulent Plants that only grow in Namaqualand, so that its heritage can be protected for generations to come.

To make this dream a reality, we are going to roll this project out in Three phases. Phase One is complete. It is with the Second phase and Third phase that we need your help.

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