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Flower Whisperer Plots

$37,00 inc. VAT

You Get: A 18sqft plot of land [6ft x 3ft] with private rights & custodianship on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Inland inside the Wild Flower Garden & Reserve. You may style yourself as a Flower Whisperer of Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Inland. See below the list of all the nice goodies that will be in your FLOWER WHISPERER gift pack.


Within a few hours of your online purchase you will also be able to download:

  • Personal welcome letter
  • Personalized Flower Whisperer Certificate – ready for high quality printing
  • Plot ID Card- with GPS coordinates
  • Photo of your plot
  • Official letter with your user name and password to access the online portal.
  • A special printable vintage poster that tells the story of Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island.
  • Click on the banner below to see a more detailed list of what you will get in the FLOWER WHISPERER package.


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