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What Exactly Is The Wild Flower Garden & Reserve

What Exactly Is The Wild Flower Garden & Reserve On Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island – In Namaqualand?

We first thought we will name this new flower garden on NaKoiJaMa island The Namaqualand Botanical Gardens, but then we thought “no” this will not work – it might restrict us to much and may even take some of our (YOUR) freedoms away. For example: the freedom to allow plot owners to choose the succulent plants they want us to plant on their plots.

We just don’t know what the implication would be – so we changed the name to : The Wild Flower Garden On  Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island.

Our Goal: to plant, to re-plant and re-establish at least ten thousand indigenous Namaqualand Succulent Plants on the island’s fertile soil – creating this new Wild Flower Gardens – on individuals title and land owners plots.

When we started with the idea of allowing plot owners to get involved on a voluntary basis , we thought only a handful of people will like the idea.

But that didn’t happen – more people got involved in populating their own plots with indigenous Namaqualand Succulent Plants from the local nurseries in the area than we thought would happen.

This is a great and brilliant development – and it made the gifts we sell so much more special.

It is more special because it gives tine plot and land owners the opportunity to get involved in building the wild flower gardens voluntarily – for the benefit of generations  to come.

All the tiny plots we sell is inside the gates of the new Wild Flower Garden & Reserve.

If you want to make a contribution towards the security fence we are busy building around the reserve, visit this link to see the Timber Fence Pole Package.

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