We Sell Gifts That Support Nature Conservation

WHAT YOU GET: 72 Square Foot Royalty Plot

Note: Royalty plots make ideal gifts to couples & entire families.

Buy A Royalty Title & Plot And You Get:

# A 72sqft plot of land [6ft x 12ft] with exclusive private rights & custodianship on your plot on Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island inside the Wild Flower Garden & Reserve. Please see the terms & conditions on the plots private rights and custodianship HERE.

# You may style yourself, are/or your spouse and your entire family, i.e your kids as you wish. You can be the  King or Queen, your kids can be Princes & Princesses of Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island – you can choose each title yourself.

# You will receive a personalized and “ready to print” RED Royalty [Family] Passport that can accommodate up to eight (8) “name/title” pages – one name per page, in your package.  You will be able to print ONE big family passport for the entire family OR one passport for each family member.


# Your 72sqft size plot inside the gates of the Namaqualand Succulent Garden Reserve will be penned out – 6ft x 12ft – and marked with a small signboard that will bare your family name [or a name as per your instructions].

The small sign board will read: “This plot belongs to the _____________ family.”

# You will automatically receive VIP Membership to the Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Inland’s Online Portal. With a special password, you will have 24-hour access to a Private Hub-Page where there will be photos of your plot. In this way you will be able to see the progress we make in the propagation of your plot with the indigenous Namaqualand Succulent plants from the local licensed nurseries.

  • Inside your online Hub-Page will be a “blank site plan” of your plot. With this blank site plan you can, if you want to, share some ideas with us on how you would like to see the population of your plot with plants from the nursery inside the reserve.
  • Succulent plant experts may give guidance to VIP Members on how to propagation their own plots. You will be able to read more on this INSIDE the online portal in the section: “How to buy indigenous succulent plants from the nursery to propagation your plot”. In the meantime you can get a idea on how it works at STEP 3, at THIS LINK

# Inside your gift pack will also be a special designed Royalty Family Certificate with the islands official embossed seal on it. This personalized certificate can be printed on high quality paper and it is suitable for framing. This certificate will also confirm your Royalty [Families] Titles plus the private rights and custodianship of your plot.

# A special Namaqualand information booklet – we call it The Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Magazine – will be issued to you. This is for you and for the person who you buy this wonderful gift for.

  • This magazine contains a treasure chest full of interesting stories and information on the island, how it came about and why we do what we do – and how plot owners contribute to conservation.

# A unique ID Card with the exact GPS coordinates of your plot will also be included in your gift pack.

# As Royalty of Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Inland have a list of special “privileges and benefits” on the island that no one else has. You will see the complete list of these special privileges inside the members area and in your gift pack.

# Within a few hours of your online purchase we will start the process to deliver your package to you. This is a manual that may take up to 72 hours. Once delivery is finalized you will be able to download your entire gift pack from your HUB PAGE  – this will including:

  • Congratulations cover page and personal welcome letter
  • Your personalized passport – all pages in full color – easy printable format – marked to cut, bind and trim if you like. Your passport – if it is a family passport – will have one special “name page” for each member of the family. You can print a passport for each family member or one “big” passport for the entire family.
  • Personalized LAND OWNERSHIP Certificate – ready for high quality printing & framing.
  • Personalized ROYALTY Title Certificate – ready for high quality printing & framing.
  • Personalized RECOGNITION Certificate – ready for high quality printing & framing.
  • Plot ID Card- with registered plot number and GPS coordinates
  • Photos of your plot – with your name signboard.
  • VIP Member Card with user name and password that gives your access to your online Hub Page.
  • Special personalized postcard to you from Namaqualand & The Richtersveld.
  • A special printable 10 page Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island Magazine that tells the story of Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island, Namaqualand history,  conservation efforts and how your gift pack and plot plays a major role in this global effort.
  • Maps and many other goodies to make your gift extra special.


# You are welcome to – for a extra fee – to order hard copies of your gift pack. We use 3rd party printers to do all the printing, binding and packaging for you. That is why their is an extra fee payable to the printers.

# Your gift pack, wrapped in a special presentation folder, will then be shipped to you by courier [or posted to you] to most places in the world. [Please note that a additional shipping fee is payable]

Please Note: Because of the extra 3rd party shipping fees payable it is almost always more cost effective to do the printing via your own local printing shop – or if you have the facilities, to do the printing yourself . It is delivered, formatted and pack for you in such a way that it is extremely easy to do the printing yourself. 


Invitation to Visit

We really hope that you [and your family] will one day be able to visit your land. When you do, you will be able to enjoy the hospitality of the Namaqualand people, visit the Namaqua National Park (only a few miles from Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Inland) and enjoy the many activities in the area – including trips to the Richtersveld World Heritage Sites.

As Royalty of Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Island you are entitled to free access to the Wild Flower Gardens & Reserve as well as to the tools and labor of one of our volunteers to help you plant one or more indigenous succulent plants from the nursery on your plot.

We will pre-arrange a time and date with our office to meet you at Na-Koi-Ja-Ma Inland to help you find your plot and to give you a little tour of the gardens and specifically the plants on your plot.



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